From the man on the street, to small businesses, to Companies, taxes are one aspect of living in Singapore that we cannot avoid.


How much do I need to pay? When do I need to submit by income tax return?


We need to ensure that tax returns are not only submitted on time but done correctly as it is an offence to submit an incorrect return. Our Accredited Tax Advisers and Practitioners are ready to assist and advise you in order to comply with the provisions of the Singapore Income Tax Act.


We provide the following services:


Corporate Tax

What are some of the tax incentives available to Singapore incorporated Companies? What is the corporate tax rate in Singapore? I’m starting a new Company in Singapore. Are there any tax incentives available for new start-ups? Other than the basic tax compliance services listed below, we can help you to maximize the various tax incentives available in Singapore.


Our Services:

  • Income Tax Return (Form C / Cs)
  • Preparation of Income Tax Computation
  • Submission of Estimated Chargeable Income
  • Responding to Tax Queries raised by IRAS
  • Application Access Codes & Online Authorization
  • Corporate Tax Structuring
  • Utilizing Tax Incentives etc


Personal Income Tax

What are the deductions available for individuals? What is the individual income tax rate in Singapore? Contact us for more information


Our services include:

  • Individual Income Tax Return (Form B)
  • Personal Tax Planning


Taxation for Non – Incorporated Entities


Our services include:

  • MCSTs & Sole Proprietors
  • Partnerships & Limited Liability Partnerships


Goods & Services Tax

Does my business need to register for GST? Does voluntary registration benefit my business? I made a mistake in my GST submission. What should I do? Contact us for more information.


Our Services include:

  • Registration for GST
  • Quarterly submission of Form 5
  • Error submission of Form 7
  • Deregistration for GST


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